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Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Landscapes along the park scenic drive

Excavating a phytosaur skull

Photo Credit: Khanh To

Working with my advisor, Dr. Sterling Nesbitt, to develop the best course of action for excavation

Photo credit: Khanh To

Dr. Sterling Nesbitt discussing the local stratigraphy with the crew

Hiking back home across a dried up riverbed

Teaching locals how to apply plaster to our phytosaur

Photo credit: Dr. Michelle Stocker


Marayes el Carrizal Basin, San Juan, Argentina

Touching the Triassic/Jurrasic boundary

My daily view on my hikes

Making empanadas for the first time

Photo credit: Cecilia Apaldetti

Open fire pizzas for dinner

Looking out over the Triassic


The team getting ready for our first day in the field   Photo credit: Cecilia Apaldetti


Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Undergraduate Alex Bradley excavating fossils

Photo credit: Dr. Sterling Nesbitt

Local scenery at the park

A freshly discovered piece of Triassic osteoderm

The crew on our day off exploring the park


Brenen M. Wynd

Evolutionary Biologist
Vertebrate Paleontologist
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