I am a PhD candidate in the Geosciences department at Virginia Tech, studying evolutionary biology.

I am also an Interfaces of Global Change Fellow at Virginia Tech, where I focus on incorporating paleobiology into scientific outreach and science policy.

I am interested in the diversification of vertebrates in response to mass extinction events. I ask questions regarding the geographic and temporal distribution of extinct animals, as well as how their representative communities change and evolve. To explore these questions, I utilize the concept of the adaptive landscape, along with phylogenies and high dimensional data of morphologies, often using teeth. 

Excavating fossils in Argentina with the best crew: Yanina Ejarque, Cecilia Apaldetti, Gonza Gonzales, Diego Abelin, Brenen Wynd (Left to right)

Photo credit: Ricardo Martinez


Brenen M. Wynd

Evolutionary Biologist
Vertebrate Paleontologist